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How long does it take to resurface a bathroom?

The average bathroom takes 2-3 days to be completely resurfaced.

How long before I can use my newly resurfaced area?

For optimal results, it is best to keep wall tiles, bathtubs, showers and vanity tops clear from use for around 24 hours.

How long does it take to resurface a kitchen?

The average kitchen takes 2-3 days to be completely resurfaced.

Is resurfacing a disruptive process?

All care is taken to contain any mess on site, by using appropriate control methods to protect your home and furniture. Kitchens and bathrooms are turned into a mini spray booth whilst preparation and resurfacing procedures take place.

How long is my kitchen out of action?

Once prepared, most kitchens only take 1 day to paint, which is the recommended ‘free-of-use’ period.

How do I clean my newly resurfaced areas?

The best way to clean your resurfaced surfaces is with warm soapy water or Spray & Wipe product. Never use any product that contains bleach or abrasives.

What kind of warranty is included?

RESURFACING SYDNEY offers a 5-year warranty to all resurfacing jobs that we do. This warranty covers paint adhesion, colour retention and workmanship.

Will I get mould in my grout lines after resurfacing?

No, there should not be any mould in the grout lines, as the grout is sealed by the paint.

Do I need to do anything before the resurfacing job starts?

We ask that the area be cleared of any loose items and valuables.

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